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My name is Kristopher Auest (Tha Gate Keepa), so here is my Testimony and brief life story. Growing up as a child was very hard, having to deal with witnessing a suicide, being beat down by my father and put up for adoption by my mother. On top of that having anger problems was not what I would consider having fun. In the year of 1997, my anger and my dad's abuse had become so bad that I had to be taken from my home and placed into foster homes and eventually a group home or two, what I needed at that time was a true father; being my father in heaven, whose name is Jesus Christ. 

When I turned 16 I was living in Kelowna and spending a lot of time with my Uncle who was (and still is) following Jesus. At that time I was getting into a lot of trouble, but my uncle never gave up on me. He and others within my family did not know what was in store down the long hard road of life for me. In the year of 1999, things within life were becoming a fire storm because of the choices which I had been making were simply out of selfish desire; but Jesus had been knocking upon my door 24/7. I being a man filled with great bitterness and anger was not willing to open the door for Him, so I went on living life my way and without Jesus. 

During that time I was in high school, and high school for me was like hell on earth. Every day I was being bullied and that had brought thoughts of committing suicide into my mind, but instead of ending my life I used those thoughts to hurt and harm others. In the winter of 1999, I was invited to a youth group bible study and once again Jesus Had been knocking upon my door even louder than before. Instead of thoughts of suicide, thoughts of life and healing were flowing through my mind. After bible study I went up to my uncle and told him that I was sick of living life this way and needed something more. The minute I prayed I opened the door to heaven and Jesus came into dine with me and me with Him. 

In the year of 2002, I finished high school and that is when God started using me in big ways! This was a time for me to get more into the living word of God and gain a closer relationship with Jesus. In April of 2002, the Lord placed a Christian mentor into my life to teach me things about loving others and treating them the way I treat myself. 

In 2003, God had blessed me by sending me to Mexico to build homes with 'Young Life'. He was preparing the way for me to learn about the love of Christ, and how He loves everyone the same. In the year of 2004-2005, and 2006-2007, I was provided the funds to learn more of the life of Christ. During that time spent in scripture and prayer my grade 3 reading level was changed into a grade 9 level. Jesus transformed me into a man and to this day He is continuing to make me into the man of God He desires me to be. I have made a few bad choices in life, but the Lord is always teaching me more on how through my weakness He will make me strong and in the time of suffering and pain there is always a God worth worshiping. Amen.
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